Air Conditioner Frozen? Use This To Help Out

19 November 2014
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19 November 2014, Comments: 0

Air Conditioner Frozen? Use This To Help Out

Air Conditioner FrozenWhen people are getting ready for the cooler months in winter, they may not think about their air conditioner giving them any problems. However, this is far from the case as people may find the air conditioner frozen over time and this can lead to the air conditioner leaving behind a huge puddle of water or even getting ruined if people are not careful.

Here is some information to determine if the air conditioner is frozen, but also what kind of solutions are available to people to get the problems solved.

The first thing people need to do is determine if the air conditioner frozen is the true problem or not. The best way to do this is by looking at the copper pipe that is going from the house to the air conditioner.

Check Tubing & Connections for Air Conditioner Frozen Clues

This pipe is usually the first thing that will freeze and will normally have ice hanging from it and this is a good sign that the air conditioner has froze up. Sometimes, this can even happen to an indoor unit because a coil inside of the air conditioner called an evaporator coil can turn into a solid chunk of ice and start to melt leaving water on the floor.

What causes the air conditioner freeze ups is the next part to cover. What is typically going to cause the units to start to freeze up is when the temperature outside is low and the units are starting to run low on freon.

When this happens they are apt to freezing, but also if the air conditioner is not moving enough air in the duct work is another way these can freeze up. However, a key factor that can cause a freeze up is setting the thermostat too low as it gets colder outside.

Air Conditioner Frozen Tips

To treat the frozen air conditioner it is going to be a little bit more of a challenge than what people would expect. However, the first thing is to turn the air conditioner off. Then people need to look at the filter if it is wet, then they should remove the filter and put towels on the floor as the air conditioner is going to thaw.

If the filter is not wet or dirty a professional may be required, but if this is wet turn just the fan on to run air across the condenser which will help thaw the unit faster. Then the may key is to sit and wait.

Having an air conditioner frozen may not seem like it is a major problem. However, if people know some information about this problem, they may start to see just how severe the air conditioner problem can be. Then people will know if they should be concerned about this issue or not.

Without this information, people may struggle to get the right feel for the magnitude of the problem and even what kind of treatment they can be doing to make the air conditioner operational again on their own.

Air Conditioner Frozen?

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