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Air Conditioning in the Mid-South

Air Conditioning Checks at the ThermostatIf you have lived in the Mid-South area for any length of time, you have learned how important a well-functioning air conditioner is.  We understand that, too.  Our team is staffed with trained technicians ready to help you with any service needs you may have with your existing air conditioner.

The most important key to a well running air conditioner is the installation. That is more essential than the unit brand. By using proper installation  methods, your air conditioning system will last much longer.

Ensure Your Air Conditioning Installation is Level

For example. Ensure your unit is level when it is installed. With titled or leaning units, the oil can give a false reading. A level unit prevents this problem. Another important tip is to make certain the filters are correctly installed.

Point the arrows toward the unit. It only takes a few minutes to do so. Have some extra filters on hand. Keep these changed every month. They are cheap insurance for maintaining a well running unit. Restricted air flow causes your unit to overwork itself and adds more wear and tear.

Ready for a New Air Conditioning System?

Or maybe you are looking for a new unit?  We can absolutely help with it.  We sell and service ALL brands of air conditioning units.  And we do it at a fair price.  Couple that with our Free Estimates and our Worry-Free Guarantee and you have the most cost effective solution for an air conditioner replacement.

Our most reliable units are made by Trane. They are hard to stop. We can install these units for you in a timely fashion. We use top quality installation practices. We also use quality materials and supplies.



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